Budget Friendly Bronzer/Blusher/Highlighter Palettes

Recently one girl I know asked me about budget friendly bronzer/blusher/highlighter palettes, and after searching for those for her, I thought I’d share with you, too, as these look absolutely amazing.

Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting Kit Kate Moss

Rimmel Sculpting & Highlighting Kit designed by Kate Moss, £6.99 from Feel Unique

  • Soft shimmer powder to highlight the cheek bone, brow bone, centre of the chin and bridge of the nose.
  • Shading powder to contour the sides of the nose, jaw line and forehead.
  • Powder blush for colour and definition.

Maybelline Facestudio Master Contour, $12 from Ulta


  • Step 1. CONTOUR Use narrow side of brush. Blend bronzer in a “3” shape along the hairline and jawline and under the cheekbones.
  • Step 2. BLUSH Use wide side of brush. Apply blush onto the cheekbones above bronzer and blend.
  • Step 3. HIGHLIGHT Sweep finger above cheekbones and on center of forehead, chin and bridge of the nose.

I like how you get three products in one palette which saves money and space. Judging by the review, both products are pretty cool, too. And I will probably get that lighter Rimmel shade for myself.

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