Burberry Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012

I have posted Burberry AW 2012/23 Runway look and how you can re-create it already and now it’s time to take a look at their Autumn 2012 makeup collection

First of all, there is a new foundation which is called Velvet Foundation (£ 36)

Here is what is written about it:

‘Create a velvety finish with this fluid foundation from Burberry. Featuring a long wear formula, it promises to leave the skin beautifully soft, supple and comfortable.’

The shades are: #201, #202, #203,#204, #205,#206, #207, #208.

There are also two new shades of Lip Cover (£23) in 31 Mocha Glow  and 32 Sepia Pink.

And three new Sheer Eye Shadow (£23) in 23 Dark Sable, 24 Mulberry and 25 Porcelain White

I really love the look of Dark Sable and Mulberry eye shadows. I still haven’t tried Burberry’s eye shadows so maybe it’s a perfect time to do so!

8 thoughts on “Burberry Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012”

  1. I want to try the Burberry shadows so much! Such a shame I can’t seem to get a hold of them anywhere around where I live, anyone know any online sites that sell this? Probably not huh.. 🙁 Thanks for the post though! 🙂 xx

  2. dont wait too long to try them- i have so many eyeshadows but the burberry ones are soooooo nice and yes look that sultry wearing them so what are you waiting for!?

  3. Yes Marina! You should try these! Lol…My favorites are Rosewood, Pale Barley, Trench, & Midnight Brown. I’ve already hit the pan on some of theses, something I’ve never done with any other eyeshadows I own! So yes they are pricey, but worth it since I use them so often 🙂
    Maybe you have already seen that they will be releasing eyeshadow quads sometime in August, if not check out CafeMakeup & click on Fall 2012. The post shows only 6 quads, but a SA told me there will a total of 8. I assume the other 2 will be released closer to the holidays.Oh and also check out IndigoKirRoyale (a fellow Burberry Beauty lover) as she already has swatches of Dark Sable, Mulberry, & Sepia Pink if your interested 😉
    x Naomi

    1. Thanks for the tips, Naomi 🙂
      Somehow I never get around trying them. I guess because I have a lot of eye shadows already but will have to pick at least one shade soon x

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