Burberry Summer Splash Makeup Collection for Summer 2013

It feels a bit strange writing about a summer makeup collection, as we have already all the Fall collections out and about to start seeing the details about the Christmas launches.

Burberry Summer Splash Makeup Collection for Summer 2013 promo

But this beautifully edited collection by Burberry may be a real treat for those who are still about to go on their holiday in August or September (like myself).

So let’s take a look at the products:

Splash Eye Palette, £34

Limited Edition eye palettes with two cream eye shadows and one highlighter.

  • 1 Midday Sun
  • 2 Hot  Tropic

Burberry beauty Splash Eye Palette summer 2013

Fresh Glow Fluid Base, £34

  • 1 Nude Radiance
  • 2 Golden Radiance

The brand suggests that it can be used the following ways:

  1. On nude skin for moisturising illumination
  2. As a hydrating and luminising primer under foundation
  3. Blended into foundation for a fresh radiance boost

Burberry beauty Fresh Glow Fluid Base summer 2013

Fresh Glow Luminous Highlighting Powder, £31

  • 1 Nude Radiance
  • 2 Golden Radiance

Burberry beauty Fresh Glow Luminous Highlighting Powder summer 2013So what do you think? Do you like when summer collection is launched in August?




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