butter LONDON Fall 2010 Collection

butter LONDON is one of my favourite nail polish brands  and today I want to tell you about their beautiful Fall 2010 collection which includes 5 nail polishes.

Fall collection includes 5 shades:  All Hail McQueen, Victoriana, Bumster, Marrow and Old Blighty!

Old Blighty

A good, solid brick colour that lies between red and brown. Sexy but sensible, just like you.


Textured, twinkling vintage blue like your favorite comfy jeans.


Hand mixed for the Vena Cava designers, who named it after the dark purple, rusty center of a bone.

All Hail McQueen

In honor of Alexander McQueen. He may be gone, but his reign is far from over. Holographic, opaque beige. It’s a very beautiful shade, you all should check it out!


Designed by McQueen in 1996, these perilously low–slung trousers shocked the fashion world by exposing one’s bum crack. Opaque mustard yellow.

As you can see this collection was inspired by fashion. Beautiful colours and the most beautiful design, what else do you need?

I think I should really take a look at All Hail McQueen, Victoriana, and Marrow. And what about you?

This collection is already available. The price is £12 or $14.

10 thoughts on “butter LONDON Fall 2010 Collection”

  1. I’ve seen the glittery taupe on another blog, and instantly fell in love with it. What a great tribute. Do you happen to know of online shops that ship this within Europe?

  2. What lovely packaging they did for you. I tend to be very brand and shop-loyal myself – if they make me feel good, I will be their faithful customer instead of simply making a purchase to receive products. Chanel has successfully sucked me in that way. Unfortunately, the local service at most beauty stores isn’t that fabulous, so a good online store might just be my solution. 🙂

    1. Yes, I know what you mean, this is why I was very happy to find out about zuneta!

      They always send such beautiful packages + they are the only on-line shop who has Rouge Bunny Rouge and Edward Bess(here). Also everyone from the company is very friendly and they care about customers and it’s not only my opinion.

      I would really love to hear about your experience 🙂

  3. Which reminds me, I forgot, Transdesign is doing their oversea shipping thing again. 9 polishes ship for the price + 18 USD is what’s being said on a local forum.

    They have essie, OPI, CG (I’d still murder for a bottle of Ruby Pumps) and a lot of nail care-related products, but you’re much better at this online shop thing than I am so you probably already know this! lol

      1. I think I really should write a post about the on-line UK and European shops that I like. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I hope to get the comments from other ladies with their fave places to shop 🙂

      2. Yes! Fair prices for essie polish everywhere! For once, you should be able to actually choose your samples, too!

        My last beauty store experience had them simply stuff a cream into the bag. Being easily allergic, I asked them to choose a different sample with me, and the lady said, “NOPE, NOTHING FOR YOU, THEN”. Wow! I feel beautiful! Thank you, SA! 🙁

        For online shopping, I was just then recommended HQHair.

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