butter LONDON Illusionist Lacquer Collection for Holiday 2013

Here is a preview of butter LONDON’s nail lacquer collection for Christmas 2013.

And how gorgeous is the promo image? Makes me want all the shades, plus red, black and purple are among my favourite colours. I am not exactly the biggest glitter/shimmer fan but could work it for New Year and Christmas, I think.

butter LONDON Illusionist Lacquer Collection for Holiday 2013 promo

It includes the brand’s best -sellers, such as:

  • Union Jack Black, this jet black nail lacquer goes on like liquid patent leather.
  • Come To Bed Red, the sexiest red nail lacquer in history, by butter LONDON. A butter best-seller for ‘Coco’ wannabes.

Beautiful festive top coats:

  • Stardust Overcoat, sheer, silver holographic overcoat, like a magical sprinkling of stars.
  • Petrol Overcoat, sheer, tornate overcoat with the opalescent sheen of oil reflected in rain.
  • Stratford Honey Overcoate,¬†¬†sheer, gold shimmer overcoat named for a historic London town.

There is also a beautiful aubergine shade:

  • Bramble, an opaque, eggplant cream named for prickly shrubs with a gorgeous hue and delicious berries.

Besides this collection, you can choose from various sets of nail polishes beautifully put together.

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