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butter LONDON Master Luxury Lotion Review and Photos

Ever since I wrote this post I wanted to get the Master hand lotion from butter LONDON. So I’ve finally got myself one as a holiday treat.

Let me remind you that it is described as “a unisex lotion for exceptionally soft skin. Black Tea scent – sophisticated, smoky – just what you are craving.”

And I can’t tell you enough how much I love it! Maybe I am so overwhelmed because I’ve wanted it for some time but palso because it’s a great product.

The design is to die for. I LOVE it, nice and elegant. It smells unbelievable,  I am love  the scent! But some people I know didn’t like it as they find it too strong so this obviously depends on your taste.

The price is £ 7/ $10 for 50 ml which is a reasonable price for such a luxury lotion.

But there is one huge minus!

The tube which causes the problem I am talking about

Yes, I adore the packaging, it’s so chic and luxurious but so impractical in the same time that I want to cry (not literally but still).  I’ve been using mine for a while now and when I’ve finished about the half of it – something terrible happened. It is very hard to get the product out now, almost impossible. This drives me crazy as I have about half of the bottle left.  I can hardly manage to do it when I squeeze the tube with 2 hands.

Great Britain, Rock & Roll and Fashion are great things, I agree. And the ingredients for you all(click to enlarge).

So as you can see – I love the products, adore the design but hate the package.  I really wish they would change something about it as I would really love to try the other lotions and I would like to repurchase this lotion.

PS. If you want to read my interview with butter LONDON Creative Director Nonie Creme (and it’s really worth reading) – click here.

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