butter LONDON Nail Lacquer and Lippy Collection for Christmas 2012

butter LONDON has a lot to offer this Christmas! First of all, the five new nail varnish shades £12/$14.

  • Fairy Cake, a silvery, multi-colour glitter. The perfect mix of whimsy and chic.
  • Scuppered, a glittery copper with larger flecks of green.
  • Jack The Lad, an opaque, moss green shimmer with gold, turquoise, and green micro glitter.
  • Scallywag, a bright turquoise glitter.
  •  Fiddlesticks, a fine, fuchsia glitter suspended in raspberry base
I think I must have Fiddlesticks in my life.

There are also six new Lippys, six new sets(£21/$25) actually:

  • Frilly Knickers: A pair of ruffle-adorned ladies underpants. Bottled in a sheer, iridescent shimmer shade
  • West End Wonderland: London’s answer to New York City’s Broadway. Bottled in a sheer, gold shimmer shade
  • Rosie Lee, a parade of pale pink glitter, a nail lacquer that will lift your spirits AND your outfit.  
  • Chancer: Brit slang for someone who is sleazy and fake. Embodied in a sheer, deep red glitter shade.
  •  Fiddlesticks: Considered a swear word for the faint of heart or an interjectional reply to a totally absurd statement. Embodied in a sheer, raspberry-magenta glitter shade.  
  • Shambolic: Chaotic, disorganized or mismanaged. Bottled in a sheer, plum glitter shade

There are also several lip trio (Frilly Knickers, West End Wonderland and Rosie Lee; Fiddlesticks, Chancer and Fairy Cake. each is £28/$34) and nail trio sets to choose from!

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