Bye-Bye, BECCA’s Crème Blush and Lip and Cheek Crème

It turns out that BECCA plan to discontinue their Crème Blush and Lip and Cheek Crème and bring out something new.

I really hope that it will be a great product, since Amaryllis is my favourite cream blush ever.

Not sure why would they change such a wonderful product. Just hope that the new blush won’t be cream-to-powder, I’d be very upset…

BECCA Cream Blush  in Amaryllis and Beach Tint in WatermelonI am trying to find out the details, but in the meanwhile here is the list of  shades of Beach Tints that brand suggests to use instead of your favourite blushers:

Creme Blush

  • Turkish Rose — Fig BT
  • Amaryllis — Watermelon BT (shown above)
  •  Terracotta — Guava BT
  •  Frangipani— Watermelon BT
  •  Wild Orchid — Watermelon BT
  •  Hyacinth — Guava BT
  •  Dahlia — Papaya BT
  •  Lotus — Raspberry BT
  •  Geranium — Papaya BT
  • Freesia — Grapefruit BT

Lip and Cheek Crème

  •  Rosebud — Lychee BT
  •  Petal — Grapefruit BT
  •  Blossom — Fig BT
  •  Tuberose— Dragonfruit BT


4 thoughts on “Bye-Bye, BECCA’s Crème Blush and Lip and Cheek Crème”

  1. Thank you for this post! I wanted to try their cream blushes but i couldn’t find then on SPACENK. Waiting for more news! Thank you

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