Artdeco Paradise Pleasure Makeup Collection for Spring 2010

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I guess you all already know how much I love Artdeco. This is an amazing German brand with great quality and very affordable price. I recommend it to all my friends! In fact I plan to get some new eyeliners and shadows soon. I saw some photos of this new Spring 2010  collection quite a long time ago but I did not have all the photos and what is more important –  information. But this week I’ve noticed that a lot of German websites and blogs already published this information. So the information for the post is from this lovely German blog

Beauty Box Quattro Art Design 10 – 8,50 Euro

Eyeshadows – 4,80 Euro

  1. Pearly Mystic Verdant,#41
  2. Intense Jade, #240
  3. Damask Violet, #287
  4. Antique Lavender, #289

artdeco paradise pleasure shadows

Perfect Color Lipstick – 9,50 Euro

  1. Rosy Temptation # 93
  2. Soft Praline # 97

Long Lasting Lip Stylo – 9,50 Euro

  1. Orange Shiver # 19
  2. Burgundy Velve # 62

Lip Brilliance – 9,50 Euro

  1. Brillant Frozen Rose # 14
  2. Brillant Romantic Pink  # 72

artdeco paradise pleasure lips

High Performance Lipstick – 12,80 Euro

  1. Blazing Orange # 436
  2. Italien Rose # 464

Perfect Color Lipstick artdeco

Eye Designer Eye Liner

  1. Green Fern, # 45

Glamour Noblesse Collection by Artdeco. Holiday 2009

artdeco holiday 2009

Meet the new magical collection by Artdeco for holiday 2009. Most products are in gold  and silver which are holiday colours!
Collection includes:
  1. Eyeshadow Base –  € 6,80
  2. Glam Stars Eyeshadow –  € 5,80
  3. Beauty Box Quattro Glam Stars –  € 7,50
  4. Beauty Box Duo Glam Stars –  € 5,80
  5. Glamorous Highlighter –  € 19,50
  6. Glam Stars Liquid Eye Liner –  € 10,80
  7. Glam Stars Shimmer Cream –  € 8,50
  8. Glam Stars Lip Stick –  € 12,80
  9. Glam Stars Lip Gloss – € 10,80
  10. Ceramic Nail Lacquer –  € 7,50
  11. Glam Stars Glitter Spray –  € 6,80

Availability : October 2009

artdeco holiday 2009 1

Read my review about Artdeco shadows here. There are MORE colours of eye shadows than on this photo. Collection also includes silver and gold shadows.artdeco holiday 2009 4

artdeco holiday 2009 8More photos

Lip Passion Collection by Artdeco. Fall 2009

ARTDECO – Lip Passion

A perfect lip make up is worth a thousand words. Seductively beautiful, it also embodies pure femininity!

ARTDECO Lifting Lip Stylo, € 10.80

The lifting Lip Stylo lays the foundation for long-lasting, brilliant color lip make up this lip primer nourishes and smooths lips with her silky formulation and special anti-aging drugs. Derived from coconut oil Sepilift ® counteracts fine lines and moisturizes. In addition, hyaluronic acid, your lips thanks to its high water binding property looks wonderfully full. From moisture loss keeps Phytosqualan derived from olive oil. Jojoba oil maintains the supple lips while vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Soft Contour Lip Liner, € 9.50

The Soft Contour Lip Liner combines long-term color with nourishing action. With the pen can be opaque contours apply supple soft. They are waterproof and wischresistent. With the integrated lip brush allows the contour ausschattieren and apply the lipstick professional.

The liner is rich in anti-aging ingredients: Vegetal Filling Spheres ® cushion wrinkles from the inside. Phytosphingosine SLC ® supports collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity. 3-ceramide lipids contribute smoothing while preserving moisture. The vitamin B5 were found Panthenyl triacetates stimulates cell renewal and improves the water binding capacity of the skin. Vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick, € 10.80

4 Great Eyeshadows by Artdeco. Review and Swatches

Artdeco Eyeshadow


I have a lot of eye shadows by Artdeco and I love them so much! And here is one of my  palettes.  Talking about palettes. You can get a lot of different designs. Here is one of mine.

You can  get the eyeshadows you want. The palette above  I collected myself! I got those eye shadows and palette for about $35  but it was a long time ago.

As for the shadows they are amazing!  It’s easy to use them, they are blending just perfectly and  stay on your eye lids for a really long time without fading.  The variety  of  colurs you can is amaing, they have almost every colour you can think of. If you want your eye shadows to last longer get the Artdeco  eyeshadow base.

Check out  swatches of my palette