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  • Korres Jasmine Body Milk Review and Photos

    I’ve already reviewed Korres Jasmine Body Butter in the past and today I’d like to tell you about the Korres Jasmine Body Milk. It is Spring and, although body doesn’t need such a thick and nourishing moisturizer as in winter, I still like using lotions/creams daily. And here is why I love this one so […]

  • How Much Does Your Makeup Cost? Let’s Count Together.

    I remember some time ago I had an idea of counting how much was worth the makeup that I was wearing. And last week, after I saw such post on one of the blog that I like, I though about doing the same thing. So here is the makeup that I wore on Friday. Complexion(£131.5): […]

  • Top 5 Makeup Products: Chanel, Lancome and Korres

    This was supposed to be a guest post for one blog which was never published so I though I’d share it here. I had to pick 5 must-have products that I can’t live without.  I’ve written this post in June but I still agree with everything that I wrote even if it was month ago.  […]

  • Blue Eye Liners Swatches: From Dark to Pastel Shades

    Blue eye liner can be tricky and I’ve been avoiding blue shades for quite a long time. But, hey, it’s only makeup, you can always remove it!  And I love love LOVE trying different colours and shades on my myself and others. So I’ve picked 5  different shades of blue eye liners  from my collection. […]

  • Korres Jasmine Body Butter Review

    Today I’d love to tell you about a Korres product that I’ve been loving for the last month and it’s their jasmine Body Butter. I’ve wanted it ever since I got a sample of it with my zuneta order. So I was very happy to get it finally. But I got mine in 50ml because […]