Givenchy Croisiere Makeup Collection for Summer 2013

Givenchy’s makeup collection for summer 2013 was created by Nicolas Degennes to enhance the sun-kissed effect of the tanned skin.

As the brand suggests “the  sun-worshipping woman who lies dormant within each one of us is awakened, exalted and glorified, glowing with radiant beauty.”

The main colours of this collection are coral and fuchsia.

Le Rouge Limited Edition, £24

Matte shades with intense pigmentation and a special edition white leather effect design.

Le Vernis Limited Edition, £15

Tow glossy nail polishes that match the lipsticks.

Noir Couture Waterproof, £22.50

The famous Givenchy’s mascara now comes in a waterproof formula in two colour variations:  Black Velvet and

Clarins Splendours Makeup Collection for Summer 2013

I am beyond excited about this new Summer 2013 makeup collection from Clarins which is out in April.

Just take a look at the bright vibrant colours of ruby, jade and sapphire with the combination  of gold and bronze inspired by South America. I L.O.V.E South American history and culture and that think Clarins captured it perfectly, bravo!

Here is a preview of the collection, what an eye candy:

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balms (£18, LE)

Just take a look at the shades, that’s insane! Who would want the green or the blue one?

05 Crystal Rose, 06 Crystal Mandarin, 07 Crystal Gold Plum and 08 Crystal Berry

If you want to see other crystal balms Clarins have, take a look here.

 Colour Quartet & Eye Liner Palette (£31)

Three softening, long hold eye shadows – copper, pale gold and pink gold, deep plum and brown eyeliner. With the Southern American pattern.

Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gel (£16)

01 Crystal Pink  and