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  • Five Benefits of Laser Hair Removal  

    Five Benefits of Laser Hair Removal  

    I’ve shared many times already that  investing in laser hair removal was one of the best decisions, beauty-wise, I have ever made.  I would even say that it was life changing for me. It is a personal choice whether or not you want your hair removed but if you do want that – I personally […]

  • How to Plan Your Own Health-Focused Holiday

    How to Plan Your Own Health-Focused Holiday

    Even though it is already September who wouldn’t want to go on a lovely and relaxing holiday? I want one even more now that I am watching The Durrells and enjoying their life on Corfu which is why it was a perfect time for this collaboration on how to plan a health focused holiday, because, […]

  • My Birthday Wish List

    My Birthday Wish List

    I am not someone who is obsessed with [my] Birthday, and tell everyone about it. But since friends and family keep asking me what I want, it made sense to make a list, and share some of the things with you, too. I have chosen to post the items that may be of interest to you.  […]

  • Makeup4all Turns 8!

    Makeup4all Turns 8!

    It’s hard to believe that Makeup4all Turned 8 years on the 14th of February! I never thought I would still have it after such a long time. I would really love to thank all of you for taking your time, and reading it. I have actually decided to celebrate yesterday, and it was the most wonderful […]

  • Books #CurrentlyReading

    Last time I’ve posted my list of  books to read  was back in 2013, so it is definitely time for an update. I do post about books I am reading on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest thought, if you are interested. Before we start, I just want to mention that I did a feature about the […]