Why You Should Like BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti

It’s been a long time since I wrote about my favourite blogs. Today I will tell you about 2 very special blogs and VERY special bloggers behind them. I am very lucky to know both bloggers “personally” .

When I started my blog  I had no idea that there were so many beauty blogs out there so I was very surprised to discover that.  And these 2 blogs were among the first that I discovered. I love them since the very first day I found them. I am talking about the fabulous BritishBeautyBlogger and Bjooti. Today I will tell you the reasons why I like these blogs and the ladies “behind them” and I hope you will like them, too.


  • I love the blog and the person behind it. Yes, I had to write that 😉
  • BBB  is written by a professional beauty journalist and I absolutely love the style of writing and the content, of course. She wrote for a lot of famous magazines and news papers!
  • J. is the first one to know almost all the beauty details.  She also is the first one to publish reviews about the new products.
  • I know that BBB a has beauty room and I saw some photos she posted on twitter. There are a lot of things in that room! I just can’t imagine how I am living without a beauty room, maybe because you can find makeup in all the rooms of my flat and in almost all my bags (and I have over 30).
  • I personally ( and I know that I am not the only one) love that BBB talks not only about beauty but she also talks about blogging itself and related issues. That is an inspiration for some and pain in the @$$ for others. I admire that she is not afraid to tell what’s on her mind!
  • If to talk about J. herself – she’s been an amazing  friend, always supported me and often cheered me up when I was in a very bad mood! <3


  • The other blog and blogger that I love is Bjooti and Kat.
  • Unfortunately I can’t

My Favourite YouTubers

Every month I am writing about my favourite bloggers but this time I want to tell you about my  favourite YouTubers. I am not the biggest fan of YouTube videos about makeup but there are several channels that I really love.  I could talk forever why I love these channels but instead I will just show you some of the videos.

1) Pixiwoo (Sam & Nic)

2) Lisa Eldridge

3) Makeup Geek (Marlena)

My Favourite American Beauty Blogs

Hi girls!

I hope you are having an amazing Sunday! Here is the Round-Up of my favourite beauty blogs from the US.

photo is from SMG fan club

Alpha Blonde & Make Me Blushhh

Autumn Masquerade & Krasey Beauty

Musings of a Muse and Mischo Beauty

Makeup and Beauty Blog

The Beauty Look Book, A Brilliant Brunette, All Laquered Up

There are some more blogs that I did not write about: The Daily Cookie, Karla Sugar, The Make Up Snob

And what are your favourite blogs from the US? Why do you like them?

If you follow me on twitter you already saw this photo with the products that I plan to review soon. So  stay tuned 😉

OMG! This is my 500th post! I can’t belive it !!! 🙂 Thank you everyone who reads Makeup4all



Beautiful Ladies: Why You Should Like The Beauty Look Book & More

As you all know I am writing about my favourite blogs each month. This month  is the final post about the blogs from America. So here are some blogs that I think are worth  your attention!

The Beauty Look Book

Since Sabrina never posts photos of herself here is the photo from her blog that I like a lot!

You can read more about Sabrina here

This was the love from the first sight 😉 I liked this blog from the very first time I saw it and now I am checking out all the new posts because they all are amazing! Here are some reasons why you may like The Beauty Look Book.

  1. There are a lot of swatches and photos of different high end brands.
  2. You’d love this blog if you  want to find out more information about such brands as: Edward Bess, Chantecaille, Paul and Joe, Le Metier de Beaute, Dolce and Gabbana .
  3. One of my favourite feature at the blog is swatch comparison. And no other blogger does it as good as Sabrina does.
  4. There are a lot of posts about Chanel and I am very happy about that.
  5. Im sure you’d find the “Colour Focus” and “Looks”  posts very useful.

Anyway , I could tell you a lot more but you better see everything  yourself at The Beauty Look Book.  This blog is in my personal top 10 of beauty blogs.

Want to know what other blogs I like?

Beautiful Ladies: Why You Should Like Alpha Blonde and Make Me Blushhh

As you all know every month I write about my favourite beauty bloggers. This month I’d love to tell you about 2 very special girls. I am so lucky to call them my friends now. They have amazing blogs, both are very beautiful ladies and very nice people.

I am talking about Aleksis from Alpha Blonde and Mona from Make Me Blushhh. By the way I have links to their blogs on my blog. So be sure to check them out sometimes! So here are the reasons why you should like their blogs!

alpha blonde alexis

You can read about Aleksis here

Aleksis is a Make Up  Artist and she was working for a lot of beauty brands including, MAC, Nars and Lancome. So she knows a lot about makeup and beauty 😉

I usually don’t like videos but I watch all of her videos till the end. They are very useful, original and interesting.

Aleksis has a lot of amazing ideas which I never met on any other blogs!

She has some awesome tutorials and tips for all of you and not only about makeup.

Alpha Blonde is just a very beautiful girl and I love all her looks!

I love her In and Out posts and things like that. I mean posts about what she likes and doesn’t like.

Aleksis writes not only about makeup, beauty and skincare, she also writes about fashion, style and her amazing cat Ivan!

mona make me blushhh

Read about Mona here

Mona is also one of my favourite bloggers, beautiful girl and very friendly lady.

If you like reading posts about travelling and find out what beauty products you can buy in different countries you should check out Mona’s blog.

Do you like tasty food as much as I do? 🙂 Well, this girl knows a lot about cooking and you can find amazing dishes on her blog. By the way she just created a special blog about food  –  Cooking Momo.

Fan of NYC? She will tell you a lot of details about beauty life of this amazing city

You should also check out her blog if you are  a Guerlain fan. There are a lot of photos and reviews of this brand!

Mona has sales quite often so you can get  products that you want with a big discount.

While Aleksis shows us photos of her handsome) cat Ivan , Mona shows us her cute dog Charlotte.

And what do you think about these blogs? Do you read them? What do you like about them?