Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection. Review and Photos

Remember my post about Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners set?  I absolutely loved it,  so  today I want to tell you about the Miniature collection of their whole range of bath & shower oils.

Warning: I am a slightly obsessed with Aromatherapy Associates‘ products now so you will see even more posts about the brand  in the future. In fact, I am just about to purchase some of their products as a holiday’s treat for myself  my family and friends.

So what do we get in this set?

‘The complete collection of Aromatherapy Associates bath & shower oils in miniature sizes.’ Each is 3ml. The set retails for £28.50/€31.50

You basically get the scent for any occasion. One bottle is enough for 1-3 baths, it really depends on how strong you like the scent to be. And these natural oils are very powerful, so some people may find the whole bottle (although it’s only 3ml) overwhelming.

The oils are divided into four groups:

Stenders Rose Bath Milk and Rose Bath Bubble Ball. Review and Photos

I’ve heard some really nice reviews about the Latvian brand Stenders so I  was excited to visit their shop the other day when I was away for work.

You probably already know that I love rose scent so I’ve picked up two products with roses. Rose bath bubble ball (132 g; €4.30) and Rose bath milk , (100g;  €3.80).

Here is a mix of promo photos and my own photos.

I will start with a bubble bath ball. First of all I loved that it was without any harsh synthetic dyes or strong perfumes. It is also formulated with preservation or mineral oil.

I really loved the bubbling effect and the real rose petals, the scent was also lovely, nothing overwhelming.   But what surprised me the most is how moisturized my skin was after the bath. The sales assistant told me that Stenders’ bath products were great for dry skin and she was right. The grape seed oil  really makes the skin soft and silky. I have never experienced such effect from a bath bomb.


Aromatherapy Associates Perfect Partners Bath & Shower Oils. Review and Photos

When I saw this year’s Christmas sets by Aromatherapy Associates, I just could not resist. They look so festive, the red packaging is gorgeous.

I originally wanted to get a little star with Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil but then I’ve decided to get  Perfect Partners Bath & Shower Oils.

This set includes two best selling products which have a lot of beauty awards and is loved by beauty editors and beauty bloggers all over the Wold. So I obviously had to try them (finally), too.

Here is what you get:

  •  Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, 7.5ml – instil peace and tranquillity, a worry free mind and a restful night’s sleep
  • Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil, 7.5ml – invigorate and energise body and mind with this detoxifying and balancing blend
These are

L’Occitane Cinnamon Orange Soap. Review and Photos

Since I loved the Verbena L’Occitane soap a lot, I’ve decided to try some other soaps from L’Occitane so I’ve got Cinnamon Orange one.

I thought it would put me in a holiday spirit (I know it’s only November, so what?).

And it is as awesome as the Verbena soap, it leaves the skin incredibly clean (the soap gives a nice amount of foam) smooth and soft but without any tight feeling.  The scent is very nice but not overwhelming.

In my opinion L’Occitane soaps are  among the best ones out there. I will definitely get Lavender Shea Butter and Milk Shea Butter Soaps in the future.

This time I did take a photo of the ingredients:

Malin + Goetz Essential Kit Review and Photos

I have got this Malin + Goetz set at Zuneta for £20 as  for myself as a Christmas gift. But it looks like that the kit is no longer available. But I am still going to let you know my impression as you can always get each product on its own.

I just love getting different kits with mini products as it’s a great way to try the brand without braking the bank.

So what do you get?

  • Grapefruit Face Cleanser (full size 236 ml – £ 25)
  • Vitamin E Face Moisturiser (full size 118 ml – £ 36)
  • Vitamin B5 Body Moisturiser (full size 236 ml – £28)
  • Bergamot Body Wash (full size 236 ml – £ 15.50)
  • Cilantro Hair Conditioner (full size 236 ml – £16.50)
  • Peppermint Shampoo (full size 236 ml – £ 16)

First of all I have to say that I absolutely love the design, I think it’s brilliant. And this kit was very useful when I was travelling.

Hair Products

I absolutely loved the shampoo and I would probably re-purchase it although I find that it is very expensive (236 ml – £ 16  and 473 ml for £ 30). I adore the fresh mint scent and it reminds me of mint sweets that I love. I find that it is very refreshing for summer and this shampoo is just a pleasure to use.

As for the hair conditioner – I really dislike cilantro which  is also known as coriander so I can’t say that I’ve enjoyed using this conditioner as it has a strong scent of coriander. I’d rather put a conditioner with other scent, really.

Face Products

The face wash is