Pupa Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish # 704. Review and Swatches

I love black nail polish, I really do.  I remember when I wore it for the first time to school and how some people thought that it was too much but I loved it.  (These days a teen with black nails is nothing to be surprised about but back then it was not  a very common thing; at least in my school).

Now that I have a lot of nail polishes in rotation, I’ve realized that it’s been a while since I had a black manicure. So here we go.

I am wearing Pupa Lasting Color Glossy Nail Polish # 704 and I am very impressed with the quality actually. It doesn’t look stripy at all. I also like the application and the brush.

On the photo I am wearing a thick (but one) layer of nail polish and no top coat. It looks even better with two coats and Seche Vite.

This is my first Pupa nail polish and I’ve got it for ~ €6. I am definitely getting more shades.

Nails Of the Day: Alessandro Nail Polish in Sweet Poison

It’s been a while since I have posted a nails of the day post. But here it is…

Today I am wearing Alessandro (German brand) Nail Polish in Sweet Poison. I have never tried Alessandro nail polishes before but I really loved this shade and name so had to get it!

Unfortunately, I don’t remember the price but it was around €5.

I love that it is a small size (5ml), as I never manage to finish a ‘big’ bottles of  nail polish anyway.

The formula of Sweet Poison is really nice, it goes on smoothly and looks opaque with one coat, although I still prefer two. However this particular shade is not very long lasting on me. I have got maximum three days every time I wore it and somehow I saw expecting it to stay for a longer time.

Nails of the Day: OPI Midnight in Moscow

I am wearing  Midnight in Moscow by OPI. This is a nail polish from Fall 2007 Russian collection.

OPI describes it this way:

“Be ready to step out at Midnight in Moscow with this elegant OPI Russian Midnight in Moscow Nail Lacquer. The colour is a graceful charcoal with a hint of maroon glimmer that will dazzle any watching eye.”

And I just love this shade because it’s so beautiful. It looks different from different angles:

  • black
  • brown
  • shimmery burgundy

It also looks different in different light!

I’ve took a lot of photos because it was pretty hard to capture the true beauty of this shade but this one looks close to the real life. I am wearing 2 coats of nail polish and no top coat.

And what do you think of such shades? What nail polish are you wearing today? I’ve noticed that I am getting more and more interested in nail polishes and my small collection is getting bigger.

Nails of the Day: Essence Nail Polish in Vip Appeal

I am wearing a pink nail polish for the 3rd time in my life! I can imagine how much you all are surprised. But everything is very simple. I just don’t like pink. That’s it! For the first time I wore pink nail polish for the wedding of my best friend who said that I should wear a pink dress. At first I thought this is some kind of a cruel joke (as she knows that I would never wear a pink dress) but unfortunately, it wasn’t.

The second time  I wore pink was when I’ve got this nail polish several months ago in summer.  I’ve wanted to try it   but I forgot to take the photos of back then. So now I am wearing this nail polish for the second time!  It feels very strange to see my pink nails but it’s ok I guess, not that bad after all.

As for this nail polish, I am very

Nails Of The Day: MeMeMe Nail Polish in Lyrical

What better way to celebrate Spring beauty-wise than with pastel  a nail polish? I’ve chosen  pastel yellow which is called Lyrical from a MeMeMe set I’ve been sent recently to show you.

You can actually see all the details about the set here.

I love dark and red nail varnishes so pastel yellow is not exactly ‘my’ shade for nails but I like trying new things. I remember how several years ago it was pretty hard (at least for me) to find yellow nail polish but now you won’t surprise anyone with it… Even I have three different yellow nail polishes and I don’t really have a big collection.

Pastel nail polishes can be