Celeste De Provence Perfumes Review and 30% Off Offer

Today I would like to share about the Celeste de Provence fragrances which were sent to me  a few months ago. I  personally love knowing the  history and details about the brand, and enjoyed reading the beautiful [love] story behind Celeste de Provence.

I was also attracted to the fact that these perfumes are made with Bio Alcohol.  In the past I wouldn’t really care about it, but recently I’ve noticed that some of my regular perfumes really dried out the skin [where I’ve used them],  and it was not the case with these.

It is also important to mention that the range is free of parabens, phthalates, phosphates, sulfates, aluminum, and microbeads.

So far there are 3 different fragrances, and they come in  clear minimalistic glass bottles with a label and a name. You can choose from  Soleil, Azur and Passion de Nuit.


I was instantly drawn to this one, and  it all made sense after I read that the heart note is Monoï – Tiaré, and I am a big fan.  Top notes are Fleur de Coco and Jasmin; Base – Vanille and Bois de Cèdre.

As the name Sun suggests, it makes you think of those warm, beautiful, sun-lit days, it is just a “happy” fragrance, if that even makes sense. I’ve been using it in the summer, and now it makes me think of some beautiful memories.  And, although these fragrances are inspired by  Provence, Soleil makes me think of an exotic island, ocean,  sunrise and  the first rays of light. It’s very carefree and troubles-free, exactly what we all need.

Passion de Nuit

As you would imagine, the brand describes Night Passion as  “mystique” “sensual” “exotic” “romantic” “passionate” and it has the notes of Fleur de Vanille and Fleur de Bergamot; Rose  and Jasmin; Vanille  and Sable Chaud.

I love the fact that it is not your cliche “sexy” scent which is just overpowering and in-your-face, this fragrance is delicate and subtle but it still gives you that empowering feeling. Also the person would have to be very close to you to actually smell it. And this is exactly what the Passion Night is all about, ahem.


Fragrance is a very personal thing , and this one was the hardest one to click with, for me personally. I really love the idea of the blue water and the sky, and the notes of Fleur de Lotus and Nénuphar Rose; Rose – Freesia and Iris, but  I really preferred the other two fragrances.

Please don’t get me wrong, it is a lovely, well balanced scent, but, I think,  it is Iris  note which makes me reach for Soleil and Passion de Nuit over Azur.

However, as I’ve said, scents are all about the personal preferences and experiences so please do give Azur a try.

In general, I think Celeste de Provence would be a great brand for those who are “afraid” of perfumes and find them too overpowering and strong.

I can compare them to the fabric conditioner which lingers very subtly, and I mean it in the best possible way. In fact, I’ve asked my husband to try these, and he said something very similar.  All three are so gentle and delicate, it’s like they wrap you in this cozy blanket that only you and the closest to you can smell.

And that is what I like about these products, they are not easily recognizable and  mainstream, they whisper not scream.

The prices are: €52 for 50 ml or €72 for 100ml from the website.

But you can use the code 30% to get 30% off.

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