Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection Video

I think the first day of summer is the perfect time to take a look at the Chanel summer 2011 makeup collection video.

This is so beautiful and totally inspiring when it comes to fresh and youthful summer look. So pretty, isn’t it?

There are two look featured at Chanel website  Fleur De Rose and Fleur De Pensee looks, so check it out to find out all the details.


3 thoughts on “Chanel Summer 2011 Makeup Collection Video”

  1. wendy lieberman

    hi!!!! of course, jac looks sensational and i just love the video! but, i have to say that i’m a bit frustrated with chanel. i’ve been obsessing over this collection for months, deciding if i should purchase this or not. now, almost everything is sold out. the counters actually have fall information available and, it looks like the fall collection will be available first week of july. what makes me frustrated is the lipcolor!! what they’re selling is not what jac is wearing. not even close. for some, when you’re paying that much money, you want that exact look. it makes me sad to see chanel selling colors and promoting them because the others are sold out. i bought almost everything but, have no lipcolor to use. it’s sitting on my desk. i guess i will return it since no one can suggest the lipcolor that’s shown in the pictures and video.

  2. wendy lieberman

    p.s. notice that the nail color matches the lip color exactly. pink peony, pensee, gardenia…..none of these match.

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