Chantecaille Les Fetes Makeup Collection for Holiday 2012

This holiday the luxury brand Chantecaille offers a gorgeous rose powder, eye shadow trio and stunning berry lip products.

Find out how you can re-create the look from the promo image below. Plus enjoy the beautiful promo photos of the new products. I personally would really love both lip products. But the powder would make a fantastic gift.


Using the Foundation Brush, apply a thin layer of Future Skin. Concentrate on the areas that appear red.

Apply Biolift Concealer, preferably the same color as the foundation, directly from the stylo, starting from the tear duct, sweep the product toward the outer corner of the eye. Gently press the product into the skin with fingertips.

Set the foundation with the new HD Perfecting Powder using the Kabuki Brush in a circular motion all over the face for a flawless finish.

Highlight the cheekbones and the bridge of the nose with Les Pétales Powder ($74) to add luminosity.


Apply Gel Liner in Jet to top and outer edge of the lower lashes. Use the brush on the opposite end of the pencil to extend the line outwards.

Use the Perfect Sweep Brush to apply Pink Sapphire from Les Fêtes Trio ($74) from the base of the top lashes up to the brown bone.

With the Eye Basic Brush, gently sweep Moonstone from Les Fêtes Trio along the eyebrow bone.

Use the Eye Blend Brush to apply Diamond from Les Fêtes Trio starting at the outer third quarter of the lid, blending inwards.

Apply two coats of Faux Cils Longest Lash Mascara.


With the Cheek Brush lightly dust Joy Cheek Shade.


Apply Nocturne Lip Chic ($35) directly to the lips, start in the middle and work the color outward. Then, shape the lips with Impression Lip Definer, drawing from the edges inward.  Liberally apply Glamour Lip Gloss ($33) for added shine.

Besides these new products, there are also some sets available.

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