Chatecaille Makeup Collection for Summer 2014

Here is a preview of one of the most luxurious beauty brands, Chantecaille, new collection.

And I personally love the promo image a lot.

Chatecaille Makeup Collection for Summer 2014

So what are the new products available?

First of all, there are three new Luminous Lip Glosses $34 in Coco, Mango and Passionfruit.

Besides that, you the brand brought out six seven new eye products. Three Waterproof Eye Liners $26 in  Nutmeg, Sapphire and Teal.

And four eye shadow refills: one in Shine finish,  pearlescent glow, ($25) Pyrite and three in Iridescent finish, ($25), metallic iridescent sheen, Aqua, Rose Gold and Sel.

Chatecaille Makeup Collection for Summer 2014 products

As for the face products, you get two shades of Liquid Lumière Highlighting Fluid, $39, in Brilliance and Luster.

This is an illuminator with anti-aging benefits, which hydrates and brightens the skin.

Finally, there is a Compact Soleil Bronzer,  $45, which is a finely milled silky bronzer with natural finish.

You can buy it from Nordstrom or Space NK.



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