China Glaze Up And Away Collection. Spring 2010

china glaze up and away

New collection by China Glaze that will be available in January 2010

  1. Grape Pop Bright
  2. Sugar High
  3. Something Sweet C
  4. Light As Air
  5. Heli-Yum
  6. Flyin’ High
  7. Four Leaf Clover
  8. Re-Fresh Mint
  9. Peachy Keen
  10. High Hopes
  11. Happy Go Lucky
  12. Lemon Fizz

Check out all the colour and swatches

up and away china glaze spring 2010

I really like this colour

Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen up and away china glaze

The famous mint shade

Re-Fresh Mint

Re-Fresh Mint up and away

You can check out all the other swatches at China Glaze twitter. These photos are also from there!

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