Christal Boreale Makeup Collection by Dior. Holiday 2009

dior holiday 2009

And the 50-ties of last century  Dior asked  Swarovski created a jewelry collection for Dior. So Swarovski created crystal reproduces the reflection of sunlight in the Mirror Gallery in Versailles. It was called Aurore Boreale*. Such name also got the new  medallion from the new Holiday 2009 collection.

Mirror metal surface is dotted with transparent crystals, white (48 pieces), in the center of which  there are 4 major crystals . Inside  there is a lip gloss.

Two shades:

  1. 001 Pure Crystal with sparkles
  2. 251 Pink Crystal pinkish purple

Northern light. (my note)

dior holiday 2009 1

information and photos of other products


Single Eye Shadows

  1. Pure Silver(012)
  2. Precious Purple(152)

5 Couleurs Iridescent

  1. 089 Smoky Crysta:  lilac with silver and reddish brown with gold
  2. 169 Purple Crystal:purple, white sparkle and pink sparkle

Style Liner

  • 174 Sparkling Purple: purple with sparkles


Rouge Dior (lipstick)

  1. 465 Illustrious Pink  bright pink
  2. 585 Aristocratic Mauve:  pinkish purple

Rouge Dior Creme de Gloss(cream-gloss)

  • 485 Violet Shine: bright purple


Nail Polish Dior Vernis

  1. 162 Rose Boreal: light pink
  2. 782 Silver Purple: purple metallic

Collection is available in November

diorholiday 2009 3dior holiday 2009 7dior holiday 2009 5dior holiday 2009 6

Dior-Vernis-162Dior-Vernis-782Style-Liner-174last 3 photos are from Blog About Beauty. You should check it out if you know Russian


8 thoughts on “Christal Boreale Makeup Collection by Dior. Holiday 2009”

  1. hi, Tavia!
    I guess this makeup will look great on you, my dear:)

    I just came home from my trip(Last 3 posts were scheduled). And saw that Yulia from blog about beauty has photos of nail polishes and eye liner! we should all thank her for sharing 🙂

  2. hi, Dana!
    It’s do nice to see you again!:)
    I am lucky(or not?!:D) that such colors are not for me.
    Thank you very much for asking. I plan to make a post about her later.
    I just want to make photos when the scar won’t be so terrible. Right now she is meowing to get more food althought I fed her about an hour ago:)

  3. hi, Aleksis! Thank you :*
    But as far as I know in the US you get some extra kits like Dior Holiday Eye Palette, $42.00 , Dior Deluxe Travel Palette, $75.00 etc. Check out Nordstorm for more details.

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