Christmas 2014: Dolce & Gabbana and Le Metier de Beaute

It’s November, so it’s ok to shop for Christmas presents, right? Here are the new releases from two luxury brands which would make a great present for any beauty lover.

Dolce&Gabbana brought out some collector’s items, decorated with symbolic motifs,  which give us an insight into the  heritage of the designers through the Ancient Coin and the Iconic Red.

Dolce & Gabbana Glow Illuminating Powder and Bronzing Powder Collector’s Edition

  •  Glow Bronzing Powder Collector’s Edition Desert (£42) a glowing bronzer for a sun-kissed effect.
  • Dolce & Gabbana Glow Illuminating Powder Collector’s Edition (£42)  radiant highlighter for face and eyes.

Already available form Harrods.

Le Metier de Beaute released two new kaleidoscope palettes, their signature, one for the eyes, and the other one for cheeks and lips.

Le Metier de Beaute Obsidian Odyssey Eye Shadow Kaleidoscope Palette and  Lip and Cheek Palette christmas 2014

Le Metier de Beaute Obsidian Odyssey Eye Shadow Kaleidoscope Palette ($125)

  • Double Cake-Liner in Onyx & Sapphire.
  • Smokey Quartz.
  • Carnelian Opal.
  • Dark Citrine.

Le Metier de Beaute Obsidian Odyssey Lip and Cheek Kaleidoscope Palette ($125)

  • Rose Quartz & Jasper Gloss.
  • Kunzite & Pink Opal.
  • Garnette & Blush Citrine.
  • Dahlia & Rhodolite.

Both are available here and here.

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