Christmas Gift Guide for Him: Men Tell Us What They Really Want

I know that a lot of readers are wondering what to get their husbands/boyfriends (or even brothers/fathers/male friends) for Christmas.

This is why I have asked “men from my life” what they would like to get – to share with you some ideas. I just hope that now they won’t think that I am getting all those things for them… 😉

I have promised not to give away their names, so here are just the quotes and age group. Most of my male friends are 30-35 but I have asked several younger and several older men,  for the variety. Makeu4all Christmas Gift Guide for Him redken elemis Geo F trumper Dior Shiseido 1 “Post shaving products. I’d prefer my favourite brand, but it’s not that important, as long, as they are good” (At least four men said that).

2 “A good  facial cream. I have started using them after your (Ed.  – that’d be mine) recommendation, and now I can’t imagine not having one. Every men needs it! I love Dior and Shiseido.” (Age  group  30-35)

3. ” A new cologne would be amazing.  I love Commes de Garcons scents. One more guy also mentioned  S.T. Dupont’s. (Age  group  30-35)

4. ” I’d love hair styling products.” (Age  group  40-45)

5. ” That will probably sound very extravagant – but a hand cream”(Age group  30-35).

  • My recommendations: My favourite hand cream is from Elemis (US link and UK link) it is expensive but very good. L’Occitane also is a great option (US link  and Feel Unique)

Makeu4all Christmas Gift Guide for HimBulldog, Collistar, Eisenberg, Mr Natty Geo F Trumpet Costes Oral B

6. ” Grooming products for my beard. Is there a brush for that?  Because real men choose beard (Ed. -I can’t agree more on this one) ” (Age group  30-35).

  • My recommendation: I am not sure what kind of brush for beard to choose, but I do love the look of Mr. Natty products for beard. Will be getting some of them for sure.

7. “Shaving products for sensitive skin, nice shower gel and a face scrub” (Age group  30-35).

  • My recommendations:  I’d go for Costes shower gel, as it is so addictive.  Eisenberg face scrub (I have even used it myself several times – it is lovely) if money is not an option and BullDog if we are talking about a budget one (my younger brother loves it).

8. ” Definitely  a face cream.  I can see the difference when I am using one, it makes my skin look  a lot better.” (Age  group  20-25).

  • My recommendations: Since the other guy likes expensive products, this time I’d recommend something more affordable. I have got Collistar and Bulldog for some of my friends in the past and they seemed to be happy.

9. ” I think electric tooth brush is a great present. I personally would be very pleased with such gift. I’d go for Oral B” (Age  group  25-30).

10. ” Shaving accessories like a good old-school brush and a bowl”(Age  group  50-55)

I have to say that this has been one of my favourite features to write in a while, it was so much fun chatting with all my friends.

I have noticed that some guys are a bit shy talking about grooming, some don’t really care about it. But we all know that is because they haven’t tried good products yet, right? But in general, I’d have to say that men are more open about this topic now, at least from what I’ve noticed.

I really hope you will find it helpful and will have fun choosing the grooming gift!

PS. I have tried to include the links to all of the products, please note that some of them will be affiliated.


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