Christmas Gift Guide: Perfume Sample Sets

As I’ve mentioned before, perfumes sample sets (usually 2-3 ml) and discovery collections (at least 5 ml-10ml) are some of the best beauty gifts you can get!

It can be risky to get a full sized bottle, unless you know for sure what kind of scent the person loves. If not, getting a collection of samples is always a great idea, as there are so many new fragrances to discover.

I have already mentioned  Rouge Bunny Rouge and Juliette Has A Gun. I also have such sets from Jo Loves and Jo Malone.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian the fragrance wardrobe 2015And this year I am loving Maison Francis Kurkdjian  The Fragrance Wardrobe ( for her, 8 x 11 mL) $195 from Neiman Marcus.  You get: 

  • Aqua Universalis Forte.
  • Aqua Vitae Forte.
  • À La Rose.
  • APOM Femme.
  • Lumière Noire Femme.
  • Amyris Femme.
  • Féminin Pluriel
  • OUD Satin Mood.

And also Miller Harris, their set is La Collection Découverte (8 x 2ml Eau de Parfum Spray Vials), £24 from Miller Harris

Miller harris La Collection Découverte

The scents are:

  • Le Petit Grain
  • Rose en Noir
  • Noix de Tubéreuse
  • La Pluie
  • L’Air de Rien
  • Terre d’Iris
  • Feuilles de Tabac
  •  La Fumée

Yes, I know that there are websites where you can get samples. But if we are talking abut a present for someone, it is nice to get it from the official retailer beautifully packaged. It is all about the details.

Which brands would you like to see bringing out such collections?

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