Christmas Gift Sets From Lush for Holiday 2009

12 days of Christmas

On the photo above you can see how the set 12 Days of Christmas looks like. Note: All information is for European countries and is from Lush UK website. And this is Lush in USA holiday collection. To find out more about each products read this post

lush holiday 2009 gifts under 10Best Wishes

Contains: Mister Butterball Lil Lush Pud Satsumo Santa

Christmas Party Gift

Contains: Ice Blue Happy Hippy

Secret Santa

Contains: Satsumo Santa Snowcake Soap

Snow Fairy Gift

Contains: Iridescent Glitterbug Massage Bar Angels Delight Soap Snow Fairy

Tis the Season

Contains: Lil Lush Pud Snowcake Soap

To be Jolly

Contains: Cinders Ice Blue Mister Butterball

You Shall Go To The Ball

Contains: Yummy Yummy Yummy Fairy Tail

lush holiday 2009 gifts under 10-20

Christmas Candy Box

Contains: Fairy Tail Yummy Yummy Yummy Snow Fairy Candy Cane Bubble Bar

Christmas Present

Contains: Snowcake Soap So White Jingle Spells Christmas Eve

Christmas Star

Contains: Cinders So White Jingle Spells

Colour Me Christmas

Contains: Mister Butterball Candy Cane Bubble Bar Lil Lush Pud Satsumo Santa Strawberry Santa

Happy Christmas

Contains: Satsumo Santa Jingle Spells Cinders Karma Soap Snowcake Soap Christmas Eve

Season’s Greetings

Contains: Strawberry Santa Sugar Scrub Father Frost Happy Hippy

lush holiday 2009 gifts under 20-30Bathtime Favourites

We’ve a fondness for tins so when we saw Dave’s Bathtime Favourites we went weal at the knees. When we realised that there are nine little inside, it was almost crushed in the Lush Rush. Once we had biscuit tins of teatime favourites, but now we have this.

Contains: Butterball So White Lil Lush Pud Cinders

Jolly Holly days

Contains: Snow Showers Sugar Scrub Rub Rub Rub The Olive Branch Sexy Boy Ice Blue Too Drunk

Merry Christmas

Contains: So White Jingle Spells Sugar Scrub Vanilla Dee-lite Let Them Eat Cake Ruby Red Slippers Snowcake Soap

Stardust Gift

Contains: Snow Fairy Candy Cane Bubble Bar Star Melt Double Fast Luck Fairy Tail Snow Fairy Solid Perfume

Sweet and Dreamy

Give a briar rose box of sweet dreams and sugar candy baths to your sweetheart. She’ll think you’re sweet and dreamy too.

Contains: A Ring of Roses The Comforter Dreamtime Bath Melt Dream Cream Therapy Vanilla Fountain Waving Not Drowning Ballistic

lush holiday 2009 gifts under 4012 Days Of Christmas

Contains: Satsumo Santa Mister Butterball Lil Lush Pud Cinders So White Jingle Spells Christmas Party Christmas Eve Candy Cane Bubble Bar Ruby Red Slippers Want to believe Snowcake Soap


FairyTale is filled with special edition Christmas products and one or two fairy tale themed regulars. It’s got a beautiful box, designed by Rebecca, which shows almost every fairy tale you can think of, to keep your toys in after Christmas is over and you’ve used everything up.

Contains: Satsumo Santa Jingle Spells Mister Butterball Cinders So White Fairy Tail Snow Fairy Let Them Eat Cake Porridge Soap Shimmy Shimmy

This Gift Contain

From… With Love

Contains: Snow Fairy Double Fast Luck Heavanilli Massage Bar Sugar Babe Father Frost Honey Trap

Winter Wonderland

Contains: Rub Rub Rub Happy Hippy Up You Gets Double Fast Luck Porridge Soap Snowcake Soap Helping Hands Snow Showers Sugar Scrub Fairy Tail Let Them Eat Cake Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder Strawberry Feels Forever

lush holiday 2009 bathtime fav

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