My Christmas 2018 Wish List

It is December, so it is almost Christmas time, hopefully you all are enjoying your advent calendars, as much as I am enjoying mine.

My friends and family have been asking me what I’d like for Christmas so I thought I’d make a list. And instead of posting numerous gift guides I’d just share what I’d love to receive myself, and maybe it will inspire you, too. I actually love lists! I am not a fan of excessive consumerism so it is nice to know what exactly people want or need.

And by the way, it is not like I expect to get all of these things [which all together would cost a fortune] for Christmas. It is just a wish list.

Here we go:

The Accessories

  1. Dear Diary in black (£29.50 from here). I had one last year, and would really want the same one again for 2019. So far 2018 was the most insane year for me, and I know that 2019 will be even better.
  2.  New shades.  After browsing the shops for hours and hours, I’ve found two pairs that I loved. And I believe that sunglasses are something one has to invest in, never buy cheap ones. I loved the mirrored pink RayBans (shopbop) and black YSL (Net a Porter and Nordstrom). All the shades that I have are designer but I have been wearing them for years, they served me well and were worth the investment. But my collection could benefit from the two pairs mentioned above.
  3. Nailberry nail polishes (£14) Ok, I know this is beauty. But red polishes for me is a must have “accessory”. And I’ve been wanting to try this brand for ages (ever since it launched). The shade showed is Cherry Cherie.

The Beauty 


Mason Pearson mini Brush (from Escentuals,  Nordstrom and  Net a Porter).These are very expensive but I’ve heard that they are almost life changing, dramatic much. I also know that they’d last a lifetime so would be very grateful to get a small handbag version. It is on top of my beauty wish list.

Aesop Products (Nordstrom,Cult Beauty, Net a Porter) I have tried very few products from Aesop, and would love to get more familiar with the brand. I’d love to start with their hand cream and hand wash. Maybe a face serum, as well?  Shown is Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm (£19)

OUAI Hair Products (from Cult Beauty,  Sephora and ASOS, Selfridges,and  Space NK) I still haven’t tried anything from the brand and would love to see if it is worth the hype. There are quite a few products that look fab but I’d start with  the OUAI  Wave Spray (£22).

Christophe Robin Hair Care (from Net a Porter and Sephora) This is a very high end brand and the results should be incredible. I’ve tried a lot of expensive brands (Like Philip B), and would love to see what’s this one about.  Especially considering that I’ve heard only goof things about the range. Would start with Delicate Volumizing Shampoo (£28)

Fragrance Samples. One of my beauty resolutions in 2018 was to know more about fragrances and scents. And I’ve been to a few masterclasses and have been doing some reading. So right now I am loving smelling scent in stores and also getting more and more perfume samples. I have the following ones  on my list: Maison Margiela Replica Eau de Toilette Memory Box Gift Set (£25 exclusive to John Lewis and partners) and Frederic Malle  (Net A porter, Selfridges, Nordstromsamples sets. Dying to try both brands.

Speaking of fragrances, now I want a bottle of Le Labo’s Rose 31. (from Cult Beauty, Net a Porter,  Nordstrom, Selfridges,Harrods,Saks Liberty London)

 Jordan Samuel Skincare ( website) I’ve read how incredible the range is, and the price is also not bad at all. I’d start with the cleanser and hyaluronic serum.

Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara  (Sephora, Selfridges,Harrods) I don’t need it right now, as I still have a few unpacked mascaras but I’d love to try it at some point.

Anything from Cowshed (Asos and Ulta). This is such an underrated brand, and I a a huge fan so I am always happy to get anything from them. I’d love a Sleepy Cow Calming Pillow Mist Spray  (£16) in particular.

I also want Hair Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush, FReatech Scalp Massage Brush for Scalp Care Hair Cleaning Shower, Soft Silicone Comb (from Amazon)

The Reds


  1. Plain Red Cotton T-shirt. Surprisingly, it has been very hard to find the one I would really love.  It took me hours and hours of browsing, as I am very picky when it comes to red clothes, hence I’ve sold or gave away all of my red t-shirts (except for one which is already like 5 years old). But I like the look of this MADS NØRGAARD Jersey dip Teasy in Red (€39).The brand is also available from Zalando.
  2. Silk red shirt. I am wearing my black Filippa K silk shirt non stop so I know that I will get a lot of wear out of a red one (I only have a cami). I love the look of Marina London one ( £132 here)..
  3.  Wool or cashmere red jumper. I have one which is 50% cashmere, 50% silk but it is not the warmest and not a bright red so I won’t mind a very warm one. I haven’t found the one I’d love yet. I’d love something from Acne (Net a Porter and Nordstrom)

The Shoes

  1. Black Veja trainers. I’ve been wearing my burgundy Vans non stop this summer, and I feel like it is time to get a pair of black trainers before my beloved pair falls apart. Holiday Flannel Dark GraphiteSDU  Flannel Dark Grafite, or maybe even SDU Flannel Dark Black and  White
  2. Red Dr Martens. These are my signature shoes, and it is probably time to get a new pair. I can never have enough of red shoes. And red anything for that matter.
  3. I’d also need some new sandals and summer shoes later on.


The Books


  1. Validated by by Val Garland Book (Amazon and Amazon UK). This is just a must have for anyone who loves makeup.
  2.  In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light Book  (Amazon and Amazon UK). This looks like a beautiful and inspiring book to have.
  3. I appreciate beautiful books on art/lifestyle/cooking in general. Especially I would love some nice cooking books now. The one shown as an example is Round to Ours: Setting the mood and cooking the food: menus for every gathering  by Jackson and Levine (Amazon and Amazon UK) and Ottolenghi SIMPLE (Amazon and Amazon UK)


The House Stuff

I haven’t been looking for anything specific things yet but later this year I’d love some nice things from brands like Habitat, Oliver Bonas and Anthropologie. Photo frames, china, vases, all the things you need for  new house. Soon I will have way more pins in my Home Pinterest section. All photos are from the brands’ Insta accounts.


The Other Things

  1. DNA Test. I am very curious to know more about my ancestors, and I would really love to receive a chance to do that test as a gift.  I’ve heard that 23andme is a good service.
  2. Style Lessons from Wonder Wardrobe. I am a huge fan of everything Daria does, and I’d love to take some of her classes. While I know my personal style and what I love, I still think I could benefit from them, as well.
  3. Sets of black and herbal tea. There is no such thing as too much tea. And I am always happy to try something new, or get a restock of my favoutire (Hello, tea Pigs).
  4. I also want wool/cashmere socks as my feet are always cold, face roller and some cool photo frames but I have already mentioned those things to the family.


And what is on your wish list? Are you done with the Christmas shopping?

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