Clarins 3-Dot Liner Review and Swatches

I received several Clarins products from their Autumn collection this month so I think it’s time to start sharing my opinion.

I will start with the 3-dot liner of course, as it is the most exciting product.

To tell the truth, at first I did not get along with this liner as I couldn’t figure out the best way (angle, pressure etc) to use it. But ever since I have figured out I fell in love. This is a genius Japanese (of course!) idea.

It make take you some time before you figure out how you want to use it and what effect you want to achieve but once you do – it doesn’t take a lot of time and you can get impressive results.

You can just put dots between the lashes for a fuller effect without using a brush and gel liner or putting the dots with an eye pencil. It is so much faster as you get 3 dots with one move.

Moreover, you can  draw a regular line, should you wish to.  You can achieve both thin or thick line.

I did not use this liner on anyone yet but I have asked my friend to try it and she loved it, too. According to her it allowed her to draw between the lash line and made her eye makeup more dramatic and precise. Plus she thought that it would be a great product for women who don’t have a lot of skills when it comes to makeup.

I can say that I am definitely happy to have this in my collection. I don’t think that you must go and buy it but it is definitely a great product to have. Plus it is a new concept for European market  and it’s always cool to have something innovative.  As this is a multi-purpouse product, you save money, too.

The price is £20/$26 and it’s a Limited Edition product.

You can buy Clarins from Escentual.

5 thoughts on “Clarins 3-Dot Liner Review and Swatches”

  1. This is just so unusual! I’d definitely have to see it in person to understand the concept better and while I think it looks so cool, I’d need to try it out to see how it works! Really unique, though…you’re so right about that!

  2. Thanks for the review, Marina! I’m going to look for the Kate version available here (because apparently we won’t be getting the Clarins new collections AT ALL! Boo 🙁 ) and see how it fares. Its interesting!

    1. Paris, I’d say it may time some time to get used to it but I really love mine. It definitely helps with feeling in the ‘gaps’ between the lashes.

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