Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil. Review

If you a regular reader, you know my obsession with shimmering body oils. I personally think that it’s a must have for summer.

Today I want to share about a really lovely one – Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil.

Clarins After Sun Shimmer Oil review

Although, this is a nourishing oil, it feels light on the skin, absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave the greasy residue.  It adds that beautiful glow thanks to the micro-pearls and evens out the skin-tone slightly.

Unfortunately,  I did not have a chance to use it after the sun (hopefully, yet) but it works great for my pale greenish/blueish legs anyway. It also adds extra healthy glow after the fake tan.

The oil has a nice and not overpowering scent. The product will last you forever, too. I have been using my bottle for several months already. And, as you can see, it seems like I’ve barely used it at all.

I actually wanted to include a swatch but my hairy arms don’t look all that nice on the photo…

The price is (£32/$32) from  Nordstorm,  or Selfridges, and it’s a very good oil to pick up. Clarins always deliver!


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