Clarins Boosters: Energy, Repair and Detox

We all love personalised approach when it comes to everything including beauty, don’t we? This is why it is awesome to see brands having that approach. I am personally a fan of Concoction hair care brand, and now it is awesome to see Clarins and their Boosters.

Clarins skincare Boosters Energy Repair Detox 1

What are these?

Clarins Boosters are basically high-concentrated formulas which are created for a certain concern. You simply add several drops to the cream of your choice. There are three options to choose from:


  • Tones are re-energises the skin
  • Minimises signs of fatigue
  • Revives radiance


  • Reduces feelings of discomfort
  • Optimises skin strength
  • Minimises the appearance of redness

Clarins skincare Boosters Energy Repair Detox


  • Restores radiance of a dull complexion
  • Detoxifies and plumps the skin

They come in a really cool and colourful smart packaging which makes it a pleasure to use the product. While I did not get a chance to try Repair and Detox, as there was no need yet, I loved the Energy (orange) one. I have been adding a few drops most of the mornings. Combined with my radiance serum and Multi-Active day cream it really gave great results. No one needs to see the results of late nights and stress on your face, am I right?

I am going to have a mini-break by the sea at the end of the month, so I am taking Repair with me, to use it after the sun.

Here is a photo which will tell you more details about each booster: when to use and the list of the ingredients:

Clarins skincare Boosters Energy Repair Detox ingredients

Clarins filmed some really cool videos to celebrate the launch, and I have watched them all, and would recommend you watching them here. Here is also FAQ from Clarins website, in case you have any  questions.

Now you can customise your skincare with Clarins. The price of  each is £30 for 15 ml, and they are available from,  Nordstorm,  Sephora, Bergdorf GoodmanSelfridges,Harrods.

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