Clarins Double Serum Review. Rave

I am a huge fan of Clarins skincare, as you all know, so that is why I was excited to try their Double Serum. This was the most promoted Clarins product in years and the campaign was huge.  There were a lot of different reviews, a lot of people raved, some  were put off by the mineral oil. And I’ve decided to wait, and use up the whole bottle before sharing my experience.

Clarins Double Serum Review RaveAs you can tell from the photo above, I did use up the whole bottle. And… I did love this serum a lot.

It is  a two-phased system Hydric + Lypidic system, which means that you mix it before applying to the face. It is labelled as “age control with 20 anti-ageing pure plant extracts”, and I was told that it will be more effective if you are 25+.

So what is my impression?

This AW season I was sick twice, and this product literally saved my skin! You know how the skin can react to a long-time cold? Yes, that. And this serum was the only thing I’ve used morning and night. It literally brought my dry, flaky and dull skin “back to life”.

And what about the general effect?

I am not going to say that it made my pores smaller or evened out the skin tone completely, or did some  other miraculous things . But it did make my skin smoother  and softer, I could also notice some glow and radiance.  In fact, I could see a difference on the days when I did use it and when didn’t. I can’t make any comments about wrinkles, as I don’t really have any serious ones.

As for the formula and texture, my skin loved it, too. I did not find it heavy, greasy or oily. But it was great even on it’s own, without a cream on top.

Here is the list of the ingredients:

Clarins Double Serum Review ingredientsThe price is £55/$85  for 30ml.

By the way, Double Serum won numerous awards, and I  can understand why. I have re-purchased my favourite serum ever, Hydra Quench, and I can totally see myself purchasing the second bottle of Double Serum, as well.

The best on-line shop to buy Clarins from is Escentuals.

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