Clarins Face Contouring Palette & Brush Review and Swatches

I have already posted a preview of the Clarins Face Contouring Palette & Brush on the website and on Instagram, so here is a full review.

As you can tell, contouring is not going anywhere soon, and I was personally excited to try what Clarins have to offer, as they never go wrong with their launches.

It comes in a signature light gold slick packaging, contains three colours: matte beige, bronze and rose to create definition. There is also a brush and a card with useful illustrations on how you could use each shade.

I am personally a huge fan of the brush, it allows a precise application and hugs the curves of the face perfectly. I love applying the products with this brush and then, if needed, blend it out a bit with a fluffier one.

As for the product itself, the formula is plant-enriched, so, as always with Clarins, you get the skincare benefits. The texture is soft, smooth and shimmer-free.  And don’t forget the floral scent which is already a brand’s trademark.

If you are not a fan of those disco ball-like highlighters, you will like this one, as it is very subtle and shimmer-free, the contour shade is on the warm side, and while I personally would like it to be cooler, I think that even  girls with really light skin skin can make it work, just blend it nicely.  And the blush is absolutely beautiful, it  gives that natural youthful flush.

Here is how all the shades look when applied on the skin in the sunlight.

Clarins Face Contouring Palette & Brush retails for  £36 which is a good price for three shades and a brush.  It is a limited edition so make sure you get it now before it is sold out, already available from Escentual. And later on from SelfridgesHarrods,  Nordstorm,  Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman.

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