Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap Review

I was never a fan of soaps in the past, as they left my skin dry and tight afterwards. As you know, old habits (or stereotypes, in this case) die hard so I was using gels and creams for body and face for a very long time.

Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap Review

But several years ago I’ve decided to give soaps another chance. And I was definitely surprised to see how things have changed since then. These days there are a lot of gentle, delicate and creamy soaps to choose from. I already wrote about some of my favourite discoveries, such as L’Occitane and Cowshed and today would like to tell you about Clarins Beauty Soap.

According to the brand it’s a “water-based certified organic bar soap for face and body which contains 99% natural ingredients”.

And I really love this product, it is gentle and doesn’t dry the skin out, but at the same time it cleanses well and leaves it (the skin) feeling fresh. The soap is not scented, which is a great thing for people with sensitive skin and for those who don’t want their bath & shower products to conflict with their perfumes.

Although I love my various face cleansers, I have used this soap on my face several times and I was happy with the results. I don’t think that I would use it as my main facial cleanser but from time to time, when I am travelling and don’t/can’t want to take too many products with me – it works great.

Clarins Gentle Beauty Soap Review ingredients

If you love your luxury soaps – this one is a great option to try!

The price is £14/$16 from

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