Clarins Graphic Expressions Makeup Collection for Fall 2013

Here is a preview of Clarins’ Fall 2013 Makeup collection – Graphic Expressions, which contains a lot of new products for the eyes, including brand  new eye pencils, new eye palette and the 3-dot liner which had a big success in last year. Besides the eye products, there are three new shades of lipsticks and a face palette.

The products are:

3-Dot Liner, £20 Read my review.

Crayon Khôl, £17

01 Intense Black, 02 Intense Brown, 03 Intense Blue, 04 Platinum, 05 Intense Violet, 06 Bronze, 07 Smoky Plum and 08 Taupe

Clarins-Graphic-Crayon Khol-and - 3-dor-liner-Fall-2013Eye Quartet Mineral Palette, £30

kKhaki green, satin taupe, intense bronze and a pale gold.

 Face & Blush Powder, £30

“Lightweight powder  made up of three universal shades which all have specific functions.The light beige illuminates, the darker beige evens skin tone and the coral pink blush sculpts while the veil of gold also adds a touch of light to the skin. When blended together, skin appears radiant and softly illuminated and to heighten this healthy glow, apply the pink shade to the cheekbones.”


 Joli Rouge Lipstick,£18

736 Pink Camellia 737 Spicy Cinnamon 738 Royal Plum

Clarins-Graphic-Expressions-Joli-Rouge-lipstick-Fall-2013This collection will be available in August.


7 thoughts on “Clarins Graphic Expressions Makeup Collection for Fall 2013”

  1. This is the point where I should probably accept that Clarins will make me a poorer person next autumn…! It’ just that I can’t resist such pretty makeup!

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