Clarins Rouge Prodige Makeup Collection for Fall 2010

So today we are going to take a look at one more Fall 2010 makeup collection! This time it is Rouge Prodige by Clarins.

This is a small but lovely collection which includes:

Rouge Prodige Lipstick

  • shiny lipstick with laminaria extract

Face Highlighter

  • bronzing coral face powder

Instant Blush

  • gel formula

I really want to try this product; it should be amazing!

Exotic Eyeliner

  • will give you a thin and long lasting line

I really like this small collection and I would love to try the gel blush and this new lipstick. I am not sure about the face powder because it looks a bit  too dark.


  1. I like the promo picture for this. It looks very carefree, and I like that with the red lip because usually promo pictures with red lips look a lot more glamorous and just not this mood. Both are good, but this is fresh and new, definitely attention catching!


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