Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate Review

One of the reasons why I love Clarins is because the brand often has amazing gift with purchase offers. This is why occasionally  I end up buying more products than I originally plan to.

Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate is actually a great example.  I saw that this was a buy-two-get-it-free the other day and had to indulge.

Since I am a huge fan of the Toning Body Polisher and the scent I knew that I’d like the shower concentrate, as well.

This line is supposed to “Tone, Cleanse & Invigorate” . Although I can’t comment on the tone effect (you should follow with the oil and cream to see the toning/firming benefits), it definitely cleanses, refreshes nicely and invigorates.

The scent is a mix of Rosemary, Mint and Geranium and extracts of Gentian and Pine and, as I have already said I really like it, I even wish it [scent] was stronger.

I have bought and already reviewed the Relax Bath and Shower Concentrate, so now I have a perfect duo for mornings and evening. I like how one is yellow and the other one is blue, great morning/evening colours.

Right now this is my favourite shower product to use after a workout! I find that it lifts the spirit and helps me to get ready for other things ahead of me.

The full size, 200 ml (I have 100ml), retails for  £18/$30

Get it from Escentuals.


2 thoughts on “Clarins Tonic Bath & Shower Concentrate Review”

  1. Thank you Marina for reminding me about this. Looove the Huile Tonic, the fragrance is addictive to me. I’ll have to look into these. I always forget to look them up.

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