Clean And Lean Diaries. Part 4: Conclusions

Here, as promised, is the last post from my Clean and Lean kick-start experience.

Of course, talking about such things without a photo wouldn’t make any sense. Since posting bikini photos – is not really my style (even on my personal social media account where  only people that I know in real life are my “friends”), here is a photo that will give you a general idea of how I look.

Clean And Lean Diaries Marina Makaup4allIt is not a very recent one [I don’t really take photos that often, so couldn’t find anything “brand new”], it was taken several months after my holiday plus some fake tan, this is why I, for once, have that golden glow on my skin, ha. But I  did not really  change that much since that time 😉

But back to this particular Clean and Lean experience. Here are the things that I liked and did not like. Plus, some of my plans for the future.

Also, I’d like to mention, that I am just sharing my  experience, and  not trying to convince anyone in how they should live or what they should eat… 

What I Liked:

  • This kick-start really works. If you want to get in a healthy(ier) eating lifestyle – it’s a nice one to try. At first you may crave some things but with time it gets easier(y). I am writing this a week after I’ve finished the program, and I can assure you that I am not dying to go and eat all the double cheeseburgers or doughnuts I can get. I don’t have to control myself, I just don’t want that kind of food. Seriously.  But I have to mention, that I wasn’t really a die-hard fan before…
  • You don’t have to worry about what products to buy when you go grocery shopping, you just stick to the list. And it saves a lot of time, in a way, as you just grab what you need, and  you are good to go, instead of browsing the shelves for hours.
  • You feel and look a lot better! I can totally tell that my skin looks better, and don’t remember what bloated stomach is.  This is AMAZING!
  • If you read the first part – you may remember that one of the main reasons for me to start this all was #killerabs.  As you know, you will never get nice abs only by exercising. As they say, abs are made in the kitchen. And, yes, I can see the difference already. And it’s been only three weeks. That makes me super happy.
  • I understand, that some people will want to try this program to loose weight.  That was not my goal. But, if you make clean and lean eating your lifestyle – you will definitely achieve it! Just be reasonable, take your time!
  • You get to try new dishes. And since I like to cook anyway, I’ve enjoyed it a lot. Now I plan to buy some new healthy cook books, plus really enjoy watching  cooking videos!
  • It is a challenge in a way.  I personally really got into it, and promised myself a little reward in the end, which I did get. It was like a well deserved prize.
  • I have learned that it is very important to plan your meals in advance. Otherwise, I sometimes end up eating whatever I have in my fridge, or whatever I can buy, and those are not always the best options…


What I Did Not Like

  • As I’ve already shared in the beginning, I’ve spent pretty much all my free time grocery shopping and cooking. Plus I couldn’t really go anywhere to eat out, which is one of my favourite things to do. I also had to carry around the food with me to work and even my dinner… Plus sometimes I’d have to rush home, instead of going anywhere because I was super hungry and couldn’t eat anywhere else.
  • Eating good quality organic food is pretty expensive. Now, I never bought the cheapest junk food, but I never really invested in the best quality food I could find. Several times I would have to go to a particular shop to buy something that I knew would be the best. I’ve written down all my expenses, and it was at least twice the price that I usually spend on food.
  • Also, it may be a bit hard at first, but you get used to the schedule.

One  more thing…

I would also recommend doing such a program with a friend, as I did, preferably who lives not far from you. Because one day you can cook, and the other day – she. Plus you can support each other, discuss the process, encourage each other and celebrate in the end.



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