CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Care Review

I have featured this CND oil in monthly favourites, and it is about time I write more details about it.

This is my favourite cuticles and nails product ever, I have bought the smallest bottle (3.7 ml), and I’ve had it for about a year already, and it is only half empty.

Solar oil is infused with with jojoba oil and vitamin E, and it does help to maintain your cuticle in the “I-am-just-out-of-the-salon” kind of condition. My manicurists actually told me that she can definitely see the difference ever since I’ve started using this oil diligently.  My cuticle doesn’t look so dry, and my nails are stronger, she says, and I can see that, too.

Since my skin is very dry, I do not find this product to be stick or greasy in any way but I do apply it before going to bed anyway.

Love mine, and will be getting a new bottle when I finally finish mine.

You can buy CND from Amazon and Amazon UK


  1. I hope this oil could help my super-dry cuticles. I usually just apply avocado oil but when I’m working in my garden more than few days, my hands suffer a great deal. In that period avocado oil isn’t enough, my cuticles are dry after few hours.


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