CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Care Review

I have featured this CND oil in monthly favourites, and it is about time I write more details about it.

This is my favourite cuticles and nails product ever, I have bought the smallest bottle (3.7 ml), and I’ve had it for about a year already, and it is only half empty.

Solar oil is infused with with jojoba oil and vitamin E, and it does help to maintain your cuticle in the “I-am-just-out-of-the-salon” kind of condition. My manicurists actually told me that she can definitely see the difference ever since I’ve started using this oil diligently. ┬áMy cuticle doesn’t look so dry, and my nails are stronger, she says, and I can see that, too.

Since my skin is very dry, I do not find this product to be stick or greasy in any way but I do apply it before going to bed anyway.

Love mine, and will be getting a new bottle when I finally finish mine.

You can buy CND from Amazon and Amazon UK

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  1. I hope this oil could help my super-dry cuticles. I usually just apply avocado oil but when I’m working in my garden more than few days, my hands suffer a great deal. In that period avocado oil isn’t enough, my cuticles are dry after few hours.

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