Colourful For Spring: Navy and Emerald

Considering  that it is Spring, even I wanted to incorporate some colour in my look. And by colour I mean navy and emerald, not pink and orange.

Colourful For Spring Rimmel Navy Seal and Clarins Intense Green

I did not buy a new nail polish in ages, somehow I couldn’t find the shade that would stand out to me. But when I saw Rimmel’s Lycra Salon Pro Nail Polish,  411 Navy Seal, I knew that I had to get it. It is such a gorgeous muted dusty navy blue. I love my  blue nail polishes and somehow didn’t have such shade in my collection, so I am very happy to have it now.

Have been wearing it on my nails for the last week, so expect the nails of the day soon.

It goes perfectly with my black, blue and grey clothes; and my mood.  I don’t know what is it about that shade that even my male friends comment on it. And we all know that (most) boys don’t really like blue on the nails.

The other colourful item is Crayon Khôl Eye Pencil in  09 Intense Green which is a part of their Spring collection. I will be honest, green is probably my least favourite shade on the eyes, but this one I love. It is a very dark green, emerald with a blue-ish undertone (or, maybe, that’s what I like to think).  It is soft and doesn’t drag the skin.

I wear it as a thick eye liner, instead of black or dark brown, and love it for a change. I’d recommend applying a  layer of eye shadow on top to stop it from smudging, if you want a crisp line. Otherwise, just blend it out with a handy little brush which is on the other side of the liner.

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