Costes Soap Bar Review. Rave

I like how Costes line is described at Cult Beauty:” Do not try this unless you want to start a habit of a lifetime!” This is a spoiler for the review, but I totally agree.
Recently I have bought  a Costes soap which I had on my wish list for a long time already, and what can I say?! It’s simply divine.

Costes Soap Bar Review rave

I love a good ol’ luxurious soap bar and this one exceeded my expectations. It is finely milled, creamy and leathers up nicely. But what is so special about it that is costs £11 (for 100g)?

The scent! It was created for Hotel de Costes on rue St-Honore in Paris by Olivia Giacobetti, and has the notes of coriander seeds, white pepper, laurel, oriental woods, incense, musk and a touch of rose.

I love spices and musk, so this sensual, woody fragrance is right up my street. Although, I have tonnes of products in my bathroom, I can definitely smell this soap when I enter, straight  away. And it’s such a pleasure to use it.

Now I only need everything else from the range, le sigh.


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