Cowshed Mixed Travel Candle Gift Set Review

Since we are talking about the new candles today, I though I’d show you my latest purchase – a Cowshed mini candle set.

There are three candles, 38 gr each, and they all retail for £16.50.

Cowshed  Wild Cow Invigorating  Candle reviewYou get the following scents, which are the best-sellers, according to Cowshed:

 Knackered Cow Relaxing Candle

Lavender Essential Oil: naturally relaxing, soothing, restorative and balancing. Eases tired and aching muscles. A highly versatile oil with rejuvenating and antiseptic qualities.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil: obtained from the deep green, sickle-shaped leaves of the tree. Naturally antiseptic, clearing and stimulating. Highly effective for muscular fatigue.

 Wild Cow Invigorating  Candle

Lemongrass Essential Oil: naturally toning, stimulating and refreshing. Brightens tired, dull skin and energises tired muscles.

Ginger Essential Oil: a spicy, warming and stimulating Essential Oil often used for digestive problems and nausea, as well as joint and muscle pain. Naturally antiseptic.

Lazy Cow Soothing Candle

Chamomile Essential Oil: renowned for its naturally soothing and healing effect on the skin and for helping to relieve stress.

Jasmine Essential Oil: has a sweet, exotic and richly floral smell. A deeply relaxing and sensual oil renowned for its warming and soothing effects. Produces a feeling of confidence and optimism.

Cowshed Mixed Travel Candle Gift Set reviewI have originally ordered this set as a Christmas present for a friend but it came in this state. I’ve ordered it from an on-line shop that I really love, and since it’s the first time they’ve let me down, it’s ok.

I thought about returning them, but since it was time before the holidays and I was busy with everything – I totally forgot. And, as I result, I’ve kept them for myself. I’ve glued the glass together, and, although they look horrible they still smell amazing… Oh well..

But putting that disappointment aside, these are good quality candles. They are made out of 100% natural wax are organic and certified vegan ingredients with an Egyptian Cotton wick, which does help with the clean burning.

Although they are small they do fill the room with the beautiful scent! Plus they come in gorgeous frosted glass with a flower-themed picture. I’d definitely keep those if they weren’t broken.

Anyway, I think for the price it’s a great deal, and I would love to try other scented candles from Cowshed in the future.



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  1. Awww so sad your candles were broken Marina! 🙁 That said, you have me curious about these candles. I love a good scented candle and these sound like scents I’d enjoy! I’ll try to check them out soon 🙂

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