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I love seeing what my friends are reading, so I thought I’d share the books which are on my wish list as well. But not just any books but the ones which are at least somehow related to the topic of the website.  I don’t read popular literature or “chick (the word I actually hate) lit” so not sure how interesting my usual picks would be.

Here we go:

The Beauty/Style

  1. Perfumes: The Guide 2018  by Turin and Sanchez (Amazon and Amazon UK). I’ve actually had this book but lost it while moving somehow so I have to pick up a new copy, very unimpressed about it. It’s a must for anyone who wants to understand perfume better.
  2.  In Paris: 20 Women on Life in the City of Light Book  (Amazon and Amazon UK). This looks like a beautiful and inspiring book to have. While I am not into all the “influencer”  thing, I am hoping to enjoy it.

Cook Books:

  1.  Friends Food Family by Sasha Wilkins It was my book of the month, from Amazon UK or $19 from Amazon. This is my all time favourite cook book, and another one I’ve lost during the move, along with my perfume book, so I have to have it back. I’ve cooked at least 2/3 of the recipes, and everything was insanely good, as you’d except.
  2. Eat Beautiful  by Wendy Rowe (Amazon UK and Amazon). Wendy is an internationally acknowledged make-up artist (think Burberry and Victoria Beckham) , and I really love her approach to beauty so would love to try her recipes, too.
  3. Round to Ours: Setting the mood and cooking the food: menus for every gathering  by Jackson and Levine (Amazon and Amazon UK). I like Alice, and her style, so want this book to be mine.
  4. Ottolenghi SIMPLE (Amazon and Amazon UK). I’ve heard good things about this cook book. So want to give it a go!

I would still want to have  The New Garconne: How to Be a Modern Gentlewoman book   ( Amazon and Amazon UK) very much, as seen here.

And also Jane Fonda’s autobiography (Amazon). I’ve watched a few interview with her lately, and. let me tell you, she is quite something! Not that it is any news.

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