Current Love: Pink and Mauve Eye Shadows

I am having a major pink & mauve eye shadows moment right now. If you are a new reader, here is what kind of shades  I used to wear all the time.

I have been wearing Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Solstice Halcyon  at least several times per week during the last two months. And recently I’ve added some other eye shadows to my rotation. Which ones?

Pink and Mauve Eye Shadows MAC ArtDEco Rouge Bunny RougeRouge Bunny Rouge’s Solstice Halcyon: “semi-matte mauve beige”. It is such a perfect shade, I have already mentioned it so many times that you probably already know my love for it at this point :).

ArtDeco eye shadow 93: described as “pearly antique pink”. You can see that it is well-loved.  It adds just a hint of warm rose colour to the lid. It is not too metallic, just a beautiful sheen. I use it as an all-over the lid shade with a dark liner and lots of mascara.

MAC Vex eye shadow: This is probably my favourite MAC eye shadow that I own. I’d describe it as a duo-chrome with pink and green sheen. Can be used on it’s own or on top of any other product.

Pink and Mauve Eye Shadows MAC ArtDEco Rouge Bunny Rouge swatchesMAC, ArtDeco, RBR

I also absolutely adore the mauve and brown shades from my Burberry quad  in Pink Taupe used together. Plus Maybelline’s Metallic Pomegranate rocks, too.


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