Current Rose Scents Obsession: Jo Loves, Le Labo, Malin & Goetz

All of my close friends and family, and long time readers know my obsession with rose scented products. My absolutely favourite are Jo Malone Red Roses and Lush Rose Jam as seen here.

Here are my latest discoveries, with two of them being candles. Please bare with me as I am trying to  describe the scents in more ways than just  “I love it so much” . After all, I am no Tania Sanchez or Luca Turin.

Jo Loves White Rose & Lemon Leaves ( £55 from Cult Beauty) as seen on my Insta.

Jo Loves kindly sent me 2 ml samples of their fragrances when they’ve just launched, and, as you would expect, they are divine.

I would love to have this fragrance, as well now.  It is light and fresh rose scent, and I think that a  lot of people would enjoy it.  It is simple, elegant and not overwhelming, just like all Jo’s creations. The lemon leaves bring a touch of zest-ines (I know it’s not even a word) and balances the rose well.  I have a small candle but it throws enough fragrance to fill in even a big room.

Malin & Goetz Otto Candle (£42 /$55 for a big one from Barneys Nordstrom,Space NK  and Amazon). M&G candles are among my favourite, and I have written about a few of them already.

The notes of this candle are:  top –  grapefruit and cardamom; middle – rose and geranium, base –  oakmoss and vetiver. Unlike Jo Loves, this scent is a lot sweeter, and it is sexy. I think this is my favourite M&G candle so far, I really appreciate this warm, comforting and exquisite fragrance. Cardamon, rose, vetiver  and oakmoss  are like a match made in heaven. I honestly can’t stop sniffing this candle like some soft of maniac.  I would wear it as a fragrance, as well. But, unfortunately, they do not offer one, I’ve checked. I also think I would like this on a male’s skin. Hello, husband.

Le Labo Rose 31  (from Cult BeautyNet a Porter,  Nordstrom, Selfridges,Harrods,Saks Liberty London). I had it as a little sample as a part of this set and wore it for my wedding day.

Rose combined with  warm and spicy cedar, vetiver, musks and guaiac wood is such a winning combination. It is intoxicating and addictive. It makes me personally feel incredible, and it is a 100% my scent. Very helpful description, right?  I want a big bottle, as I know I will be wearing it all the time. And I would not share this with anyone, although it is described as unisex. My precious.

Speaking of roses, I still want to try some Frederic Malle perfumes.

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