Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body Shimmer Review and Swatches

I love September and Indian Summer, it is still warm and sunny but not boiling hot, just perfect! It’s  is also the time when you an still wear t-shirts (and shorts) and shimmering body products!

Today I want to show you Daniel Sandler’s  Billion Dollar  Body Shimmer which I actually took it with me on a holiday this summer and enjoyed using it both on body and eyes!

This is how it looks like: you get a bronze metallic shade and a shimmering bronze shade. The shades can be used   separately or mixed  together.

This powder comes with a puff which is very handy but I love using Daniel’s  Kabeauti brush which works perfect and gives a lighter application.

I would recommend using it on a moisturized skin but not after you’ve just moisturized so that you can blend the product properly, otherwise it may just stick to your skin. I think you can also try mixing a bit of the product with your lotion, I haven’t tried it myself though.

This is  a shimmering product as the name would suggest so I definitely would not recommend putting it on the face, unless you want to use it as eye shadows, as I do. But on body it works great, especially on the tanned skin. I love putting it on my arms and legs as it gives beautiful shimmery glow in the sun light.

You can watch a video where Daniel demonstrates how to use it here.

This is very heavily applied, obviously. To see the ‘real’ effect, watch the video.

The price is £20 which is great as you get a lot of product for the money.

Buy it from Feel Unique or ASOS.


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