Daniel Sandler Bronze And Glow Watercolour Blushers Review and Swatches. Rave

Regular readers know that I am a big fan of Daniel Sandler blushers, they are so unique with that one-of-a-kind liquid formula. I have written so many times about them, and here is a link to a very detailed review with the tips from Daniel himself. I also wrote about the cream formula, too.

Daniel Sandler Bronze And Glow Watercolour Blushers Review and Swatches 1

I like that Daniel doesn’t bring out tonnes of products but when he does – they are awesome.  This month he added two new shades of the liquid Watercolours and one cream version to his line, and they all are dreamy.

You can choose from Rose Glow ( a pastel pink-peach shimmer) and Golden Glow (warm bronze shimmer); the cream shade is Soft Bronze (a delicate pink-peach hybrid with a twist of a bronze). And they are honestly my favourite shades from Daniel so far, and I have quite a collection at this point.

All three shades give that healthy glowing effect which looks really natural thanks to the sheer and almost transparent formula which can be built up. The shimmer in these blushes is very delicate and just adds sheen we all covet.

Daniel Sandler Bronze And Glow Watercolour Blushers Review and Swatches 1This photo doesn’t make the shades justice, it was taken in a pretty dull daylight. Of course, there was no sun when I needed it, and I waited for several days to take nice photos…

A few more words about the shades:

  • Golden Glow,  is a perfect bronzer even for the palest skin tones, it doesn’t look muddy or orange. I’ve tried it on several girls with really light complexion and it looked great.
  • Rose Glow  is  like this  perfect product for a Spring (or any other) date. It gives that “lit from within” youthful effect.
  •  Soft Bronze is a great option for adding some colour to your post-winter face, it also can be used to slightly sculpt the face.

You can get them for £15.50 from Daniel’s website.  Other (older) shades are available from Feel Unique for £14.50. And since you need the tiniest amount – they will probably last you for ages.

Big thanks to Daniel for giving me the opportunity to try these blushers and share about them with you.

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