Daniel Sandler Luxury Glosses in Skinny Dip and Vivid Energy Review and Swatches

Daniel Sandler kindly treated me to some of his new products from the summer collection. And today I want to show you the Luxury Glosses which I liked a lot.

There are two colours available – Skinny Dip and Vivid Energy, and both are Limited Edition.

I don’t know why but no matter how much I’ve tried, I could not capture the Vivid Energy as it looks like in real life. And it is  a bold  and vivid coral, it is definitely not so orange as it looks on the photos. It gives a glossy, juicy and opaque coverage which is just perfect for summer. Would look great with a simple eye makeup! I personally would be crazy about such an opaque fuchsia shade.

The other shade, Skinny Dip, is a perfect nudish gloss with a beautiful shimmer.  I am sure a lot of women would like it as it goes with everything and  has a perfect amount of shimmer, nothing over the top, it just makes your lips look beautiful and full. It looks great on a lot of skin tones (I have tried actually) and will look perfect on tanned skin. This one lives in my handbag now, by the way.

I really like the applicators, the are big and soft and allow a smooth application of the gloss.

These glosses smell of strawberry bubblegum which I personally like but some may not.

They do feel incredibly soft and smooth on the lips and I actually do find them moisturizing and hydrating. These are not sticky but you can definitely feel them on the lips, and this is my favourite formula, as you may remember.

Luxury Glosses contain: Vitamins E and C, Aloe and Silica Castor Seed, Soybean and Moroccan Argan oils.

I would definitely recommend these and would definitely get myself a cool pink toned one for an every day and fuchsia for special occasions. Now fingers crossed Daniel will bring out more shades in the future.

The price is £14.75 for  6g available at Daniel’s website.

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