Dark Signature Look by Rimmel London


Inspired by the latest international catwalk trends Rimmel London has created a mystical and mysterious winter look

The colors are appropriately called his signature dark. Because in the cold season, dark and intense colors are totally hip. Smokey Eyes with extravagant effects and bold colors of aubergine on various berry shades to work with this striking black make up the heart.

Rimmel London’s exclusive makeup artist Susanne Krammer explained step by step how this trend with the appropriate Make Up is implemented

“Dark Signature look of Rimmel London”


For strong rouged lips, a flawless complexion is very important. To this end, I carry on in the first step, a soft opaque Foundation, covers the redness and impurities. I prefer to use the Renew & Lift Foundation, in a tone that I have previously been tested on the neck, so he is not too dark.

Important: When applying I always start from the middle of the face and the foundation work easily with your fingers. With the color-matching Stay Matte Pressed Powder I then tarnish the face. Finally, I raise with 3 shows in 1 Powder Blush # 004 Winter Glow, the cheekbones and confers the face more contour.


When I’m done with the make up of the face, I have on something Foundation around the lips. By 1000 Kisses Lip Liner # 071 Cherry Kiss Lip I lift then out again. Here I am beginning to heart-shaped cupid bow mouth and draw according to these symmetrical. The average contours of the lower lip, I also emphasize and connect it to the corners. This also prevents the expiration of the lip gloss. With the Stay Glossy # 490 Plum Temptation I give a dramatic look glossy, color intensive finish.


Especially important for this look are naturally expressive eyes. Therefore, when I start applying to the dark berry color of the Color Rush Quad Eyeshadows # 017 Dark Signature tapering to a point and pull the shade down from the inside of the eyelid up to their eyebrows. I create a smooth transition with the highlighter of the Quad Eyeshadows, which I of the eyebrow ago Unhide.

At the outer corner of my eye, I delineate the heavy eye shadow, the more an exciting cat-eye effect to create. Here I go with the Soft Kohl Eye Pencil # 061 Jet Black Eyeliner one that I let expire slowly through the eyebrow. The result is a line where I can get my bearings. This line should represent the outer limits of eye shadow tones. On the movable lid, I now wear on the dark purple hue of the Color Rush Quad Eyeshadows and mix it carefully with the darker berry tone.

Important for this look is that the smoky eye shadow colors have run in, but outward hard, clear outlines. At the lower eyelid along I wear on the darker tone of the eye shadows. With a bit of highlighter in the inner corner of eye and with the Sexy Curves Mascara Intense Black # 001 Black three times the top and bottom lashes India-ink I take my eyes even more exhaustively shine.

The new look of Dark Signature Rimmel London – for mystical cat eyes and a sexy look that guarantees an unforgettable year.


rimmel_dark_signature products

  1. Stay Gloss Lip Gloss – 8,99 EUR
  2. 3 in 1 Powder Blush – 5,99 EUR
  3. Color Rush Quad Eyeshadow – 7,49 EUR
  4. Lycra Nail Polish – 3,99 EUR
  5. Renew & Lift Foundation – 10,99 EUR
  6. Stay Matte Pressed Powder – 5,99 EUR
  7. 1000 Kisses Lip Liner – 3,99 EUR
  8. Soft Kohl Eye Pencil – 3,99 EUR
  9. Sexy Curves Mascara Intense Black – 8,99 EUR

Source (photos & text): Coty Beauty

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  1. hi, Yulia!:)
    It is too scary, I agree. But it’s just a promo photo (but not the best one:D)

    I posted this information because I think that Rimmel London is a nice drugstore brand.

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