December 2015 Beauty Favourites

While I am still putting together my 2015 beauty favourites, I thought I’d share the products I loved in December. Most things were the same as in November, those face creams and theBalm highlighter especially so I won’t repeat myself.

As for December, it was all about  a lot of body creams and lotions, changing my skincare a bit for colder weather and protecting my lips. Also, since it was the first month since summer when I’ve stopped getting gel manicure, I have also re-discovered my nail polishes.

Nail Polishes

I was getting gel manicure non-stop since summer and December was the month when I finally stopped for a while mainly because of the deadlines and the holidays (I simply did not have time to go and see my manicurist). So it was nice to re-discover my nail polish collection and relaxing process of painting my nails. It is also kind of cool to be able to change the colour several times per week.


Elemis Exotic eau de Parfum.  Although I did not like it all the at much back in the days, I am a big fan now, especially now in colder weather. I love the mix of spicy, woody and floral notes. This fragrance includes: “warming and spicy Sri Lankan Cinnamon Bark, Pink Pepper and Clove Bud Oil from the Comores Isles; Ylang Ylang, Indian Jasmine Sambac and Tuberose; Frankinscense, Somali Incense, Sandalwood and Moroccan Cedarwood.” Have been wearing  and loving it a lot lately.


I was torn between Clarins Santal (for dry skin) or Blue Orchid (dehydrated) Face Treatment Oils, and decided to get the first one this time. I think that you just can’t go wrong with Clarins skincare, it is brilliant and effective and is affordable compared to the a lot of other high-end brands. This oil smells amazing and you can definitely see the results the next morning [I use several drops before going to bed].

Lanolips Lip Ointments with Colour are fantastic for protecting the lips in colder weather. Not only they work as a balm but also give a pretty tint. I have the shades Rhubarb and Black Honey. I promise a detailed review later. But, let me warn you, you can get addicted to these and want them all.

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