Decleor Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On Review

I never suffered from break outs in the past  but these days I can get occasional  spot or two. Since I never had to deal this such issue, I have started reading about the products that may help and came across a very positive review of Decleor Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On.

I have tried several anti spots/blemishes products in the past but was not impressed, so I have got this one straight away.

And I was not disappointed!

Here are the promises from the brand:

  • 1. Cleanse skin, and quickly reduce the appearance of blemishes (Madagascan Ylang Ylang, Sage and Rosemary Essential Oils).
  •  2. Soothe red blotches (Lavender Essential Oil).
  •  3. Tackle unsightly blemishes (Lemon Essential Oil).

And I will have to agree with those statements. I use this roller on the spots that I have several times per day and I find that it definitely helps, the blemishes  “heal” and disappear much faster.

Although it contains alcohol, I don’t find that it dries my skin out, since I use it only on the spots, obviously.

I’ve had Decleor’s Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On for months and did not use even half of it, so it’s a great investment, in my opinion. The price is £12.75 for 10ml.

Now I am looking for a product that will help to fade the marks that are left after some spots. For some reason, when I get a blemish, even the smallest one, most likely it will leave a mark.  And I don’t pick them, of course.

I already have some products in mind that I would like to try and I would really appreciate your recommendations. 

4 thoughts on “Decleor Aroma Purete Imperfections Roll’On Review”

  1. I’d think that having a roll on product would transfer bacteria into the product when you touch it to the breakout. But maybe that’s why it has the alcohol? To kill it? Do you use it over your makeup if you’re applying it several times a day?

    1. Hi Suzanne,
      I was actually thinking about the “bacteria situation”, too…
      As for the application, I would suggest taking a concealer and re-apply it all the time. Not very convenient but, I think, that’d be the best thing to do. That’s if you can’t be without makeup on that particular area.

  2. Try Murad Exfoliating Toner – it’s more like “kisel'” gel-like fluid. It help to remove the marks as it contains some acid. You can buy 30 ml trial size which is enough if you use it occasionally!

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